1. What Is Limerence?

    If you or a loved one are in treatment for love addiction, then you may have heard the term “limerence” before. This is a term that us addiction psychologists like to use to refer to a kind of infatuation that is a subset of love addiciton. Today, many scientists and mental health professionals believe that limerence is not only a psychological state but also a neurological one, caused by low …Read More

  2. Battling Addiction During COVID-19

    The COVID-19 pandemic has been difficult on everybody, but active and recovering addicts face their own unique challenges. For active addicts, their substance of choice may be difficult to access, resulting in painful or even deadly withdrawals. For those in recovery, support systems may no longer be available, and daily routines may have been turned on their heads — both circumstances that can …Read More

  3. overcoming shopping addiction holiday tips dr lara dye austin

    Shopping Addiction Over the Holidays, Part 2

    The holidays are known for their mirth and their laughter. However, the holidays can also be an especially hard time of year if you are suffering from a shopping addiction. A shopping addiction is a process addiction, since you are addicted to the process of shopping and the feeling you get when you purchase something. A shopping addiction is something you cannot control; you feel propelled to sho…Read More

  4. shopping addiction dr. lara dye austin

    Shopping Addiction Over the Holidays, Part 1

    The holidays are a joyous time of year. Families get together and celebrate their many blessings they’ve had this holiday season, as well as looking forward to the new year. While the holidays should be a slowdown period where we rest from work like in the days of our agricultural society, today it is usually a period of hustle and bustle. From having coffee with friends to shopping for the perf…Read More

  5. pornography addiction

    More Signs of Porn Addiction

    Porn addiction is not a sex addiction. It’s a compulsive need to engage in erotic materials in order to gain a quick release, or satisfaction. Classified as a behavioral addiction or a process addiction, porn addiction can be difficult to treat and overcome, but not impossible. Dr. Lara Dye, a Certified Sex Addiction Therapist (CSAT) based in Austin, Texas, helps treat those addiction to pornong…Read More

  6. Signs of Porn Addiction

    Porn addiction can be hard to identify, mainly because it’s usually done secretly, or the person addicted to porn does not recognize that they are addicted to porn. However, it’s important to know the signs of porn addiction in case you do suspect a loved one of having a porn addiction. Dr. Lara Dye is a certified CSAT (Certified Sex Addiction Therapist) who specializes in helping people overc…Read More

  7. Understanding Sexual Addiction and the Recovery Process

    Sex addiction is misunderstood by the marjority of the population, thanks in part to the media that usually makes light of it. However, for sex addicts, sex addiction can disrupt lives, ruin marriages, and lead to depression. Sex addiction is when someone is obsessed with sexual thoughts and acts to the point it interferes with their lives. However, this is just the beginning. Sex addicts are addi…Read More

  8. Exploring Sexual Addiction: Certified Sex Addiction Therapy Explained

    In our last blog post, we delved into what sex addiction is, some common signs of sex addiction, and discussed the additional training a certified sex addiction therapist must obtain. Dr. Lara Dye is a CSAT in Austin who offers sex addiction therapy. Contact her today! In this blog post, we’ll go more in depth about how a CSAT can benefit you. THE ADDED BENEFITS OF A CSAT Better diagnosis. Other…Read More

  9. Exploring Sexual Addiction: What is a CSAT?

    Certified Sex Addiction Therapists (CSATs) are in great demand as sex addiction is growing, partly due to the proliferation of Internet access. It’s easier to gain access to sexually explicit material, fueling the sex addiction. Dr. Lara Dye, a clinical psychologist and addiction specialist in Austin is training to be a CSAT. Do what does that mean for you? In this blog post, we’ll break it do…Read More