Signs of Sex Addiction


  • Do you spend excessive time thinking about how to engage in certain sexual activities?
  • Is it difficult for you to become sexually aroused if you cannot fantasize about or do specific sexual acts or scenarios?
  • Do you become irritated or annoyed when something gets in the way of your anticipated sexual activities?
  • Do you spend progressively more time engaging in sexual fantasizing or activities?
  • Does the intensity or variety of the sexual fantasizing or acts need to increase to achieve sexual arousal?
  • Has your time fantasizing about or engaging in sexual activity gotten in the way of other areas of your life, i.e., work, family, or social obligations?
  • Do you become resentful of other people or obligations when they impinge upon your sexual fantasizing or activities?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, you should contact Dr. Dye to learn more and find out if sex addiction therapy that is safe, private, and confidential is right for you.


  • Having obsessive sexual fantasies
  • Frequent, compulsive masturbation
  • Using online porn videos and photos for stimulation and release
  • Sexting strangers, acquaintances, and others
  • Seeking sex-oriented chat rooms
  • Frequenting strip clubs, massage parlors, prostitution
  • Socializing to search for future sex partners
  • Frequently hunting for anonymous sex i.e., one night stands
  • Engaging in seductive sex
  • Having office or travel affairs
  • Engaging in voyeurism
  • Compulsive exhibitionism
  • Same sex or opposite sex sexual harassment
  • Abuse of power and sexual bullying
  • Being a sexual predator
  • Having sexual gratification is prioritized above all else
  • Going to Body Electric workshops

Being addicted to sex is specifically characterized by having an unhealthy engagement in sexual behaviors based on intensity and/or frequency.  These behaviors or obsessions can be unconsciously used to shift the individual out of an uncomfortable or painful emotional state.  Excessive sexual fantasies, severe sexual deprivation, sex with inappropriate partners, or sex that results in negative social and/or legal consequences to the individual could all be signs of sex addiction.

Signs Of Love Addiction

  • Do you spend a lot of time (more than you think you should) thinking about your partner or a romantic interest?
  • When you are dating or in a relationship, does your work, social life and other obligations come second?
  • Do you have difficulty being single? Have your friends or family made comments like “you’re always in love”?
  • Do you check your phone frequently when you are dating or in a relationship because you hope to receive a text or call?
  • Is your mood affected (more than you think it should) to find that you didn’t receive a text or call?
  • Do you notice when your partner texts or treats you “differently”,  your first thought is that s/he could be interested in or seeing someone else?
  • Have you told your partner that you want to have the relationship to be more like it was at the beginning?
  • In your childhood, did you feel like you longed for love and affection?
  • Do you spend time daydreaming or fantasizing about future desired events, e.g. becoming his/her girlfriend, being married, being swept off your feet?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, you should contact Dr. Dye to learn more and find out if private and confidential love addiction therapy is right for you.


  • Constant and/or overwhelming fear of “being alone”
  • Having obsessive thoughts about your relationship
  • Frequent, compulsive need for contact with your partner
  • Constant worrying about the state of your relationship
  • Constant thinking about what the romantic interest is thinking or doing
  • The belief or feeling that one’s worth is less if not in a relationship

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