Learn More About Sex Addiction Treatment in Austin

More attention has been paid to sex addiction than to love and relationship addiction because several of our media and sports heroes have been humbled, and their lives dismantled by sex addiction. It will likely be years until sex and love addiction are seen as real, extremely dangerous, and most importantly, treatable.

Some may ask, “Aren’t men who sleep around or cheat on their partners, just being ‘men’?  And aren’t women who chase a guy, either to the point of obsession, or who go from guy to guy, just ‘needy’ women?”

After training with love and sex addiction expert Pia Mellody, and treating many people with similar patterns of relational issues, I know that sex and love behaviors can be excessive and can eventually be debilitating to the individual.

The sex addict is likely to obsess about sexual activity or behavior, crave intensity, and experience compulsive sexual behaviors as a way of relaxing, soothing, or distracting themselves from uncomfortable feelings. The sex addict is often aware that they are unable to control or stop their behavior. Without help, they could lose family and friends or their job and financial stability.

Whether you need individual or marriage counseling, we can help.