Therapy for Childhood Trauma

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) can stem from childhood and have profound effects later in life. Those who have suffered as children due to parents who were unreliable, chaotic, and dangerous emotionally, physically, and/or sexually are especially susceptible to “growing” an addiction.

Often they escape their families of origin with high hopes that they will now go on to live a life of freedom and peace, and even find love.  They are shocked to find that time after time, they end up in relationships in which they feel victimized, manipulated, or are care-taking someone.

It hits them one day that they have repeated their past, and cast current relationships to closely resemble the childhood family drama, always resulting in similar pain, loneliness, and disconnection.  Hopelessness often sets in when they begin to believe that they can’t find and engage in a healthy relationship.

If you are struggling to overcome the emotional, sexual or physical trauma that happened in childhood contact us for help. We provide childhood trauma therapy, and help you move forward.

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