With COVID-19 still affecting the country as a whole, and Texas in particular, telehealth therapy has seen a steady rise among those looking for individual or couples counseling. To that end, I am excited to offer clients across the State of Texas access to my telehealth therapy services through a secure online platform. My expansion into telehealth has allowed me to connect with individuals who might otherwise not have access to my Austin-based psychotherapy practice. After having worked in telehealth therapy for a while now, I have connected with clients all across the Lone Star State, including individuals in Houston, Dallas, Fort Worth, San Antonio, El Paso, Amarillo, and elsewhere.

In this blog post, I highlight nine benefits of telehealth therapy. Read on to discover how telehealth therapy can change your life for the better, then fill out my contact form or call (737) 222-7347 to schedule your first teletherapy appointment. 

Greater Accessibility

Finding a therapist who fits your particular requirements can be a daunting task. This is especially true for individuals living in rural locations, as well as those with specific needs, such as a specialization in process (rather than substance-based) addictions, like love addiction, sex addiction, or porn addiction. As a Certified Sex Addiction Therapist (CSAT), I am thrilled that telehealth therapy now allows me to connect with clients struggling with process addictions who may otherwise not have access to the specialized services that they need to recover.

Faster Appointment Times

Telehealth therapy allows me to use every hour of my day when I am available for counseling to help clients. Rather than having to fit my schedule around those who can and cannot make it into my office (a task that has proven especially challenging during COVID-19), I can now connect with more people, more regularly. This means that you won’t have to wait as long to benefit from my individual or couples counseling services.

Greater Savings

Opting for telehealth, rather than traditional, therapy means that you can save on transportation costs, childcare costs, and the cost of having to miss work. Being able to engage in therapy from the comfort of one’s own home makes vital counseling services more economically accessible to all people.

Greater Safety

If you’re part of the population that is particularly vulnerable to COVID-19, you know that every moment you spend out of your house can be a risk. Part of my ethos as a therapist is that no one should be denied access to safe, reliable counseling, regardless of their age or medical condition. Telehealth therapy allows me to reach vulnerable populations so that they can improve their mental health without having to risk their physical health in the process.

Less Missed Days from Work or School

Having to miss fewer days of work or school provides more than just an economic benefit. Many people are limited in the time they can take off from the office or class, and telehealth therapy helps them save their vacation days for actual emergencies or vacations. In addition, frequent absences from work or school can lead to professional and emotional strife — not what you want to be dealing with when you’re already struggling with your mental health.

Maximized Recovery Time

Faster appointments and less emotional strain from having to miss work or school also means faster recovery time. Through telehealth, I am able to meet with my clients more regularly, and we are both able to get more out of our time together in the process. The result is that you will have to spend less time in the long-term in counseling, and more time actually reaping the benefits of your recovery!

Perfect for Shift Workers and Parents

Shift workers and parents have always faced the challenges of not knowing what one day will look like from the next, but this is especially true during these uncertain times. The flexibility provided by telehealth therapy means that shift workers, parents, and other people with unpredictable schedules can now finally get the vital services they need, on their time, from any space that is private and with a reliable Internet connection.

Greater Satisfaction for Patients and Providers

Multiple studies have shown that telehealth therapy is just as effective as traditional, in-person therapy, and that the retention rates are higher. The convenience and comfort provided by telehealth means that both patients and providers are more engaged in the counseling process, and often have overall greater satisfaction. It’s truly a win-win solution.

Schedule a Telehealth Appointment in Texas Today

If you live in Texas and are interested in benefiting from counseling without having to leave the comfort of your own home, then get in touch with me today. I can help clients facing a variety of mental health issues, including childhood trauma, relationship issues, process addictions, and more. Remember — the first step is simply taking the first step! I look forward to helping you heal.