The first step is to take the first step

As a clinical psychologist, I provide a safe, private, and therapeutic environment for you to discuss sensitive topics in complete confidentiality. It is important that you feel safe enough to speak your truth. Being able to honestly share the events, thoughts, feelings, and concerns that are troubling you is a big step toward healing and a healthy, more satisfying life.

I have worked with clients in therapy for more than 19 years and I love my work.  I feel honored that my clients trust me with the most vulnerable memories or feelings, and I feel truly empathic toward them.

Velina Villarreal is a Licensed Professional Counselor and member of Dr. Dye’s private practice who also helps people dealing with addictive behaviors, unresolved trauma, and relationship issues.

Both in-office and video counseling sessions are available, whether you need an addiction specialist, couples therapy, or one of the other services we provide. Schedule the type and length of appointment you prefer with either Dr. Dye or Velina today.